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Sprinkler System Installation and Repair

Here is what you should expect.

  • Upon arrival, we will discuss any known issues with you and show you our list of repairs and the prices to expect for each. You will then sign off consenting to the system check and possible repair prices.

We will then: 

  • Run the system from the controller to make sure each valve is being activated from the controller properly. Check the schedule to make sure it is watering properly.

  • Check the heads on each zone to make sure that they are set to the right height, not leaning, spraying correctly and covering the right area.

  • Check for leaking heads, pipes and valves.

You will be given a list of the repairs needed and a price for each. We can show you why the repair is needed and how it will be fixed. You can then choose which, if not all, repairs you would like completed. You will sign off on the costs and we will make the repairs if time allows or schedule another visit.

This system check service starts at $125 for most residential systems and increases for large residential and commercial properties. 

*For a one time repair of a known issue, schedule a system check and the $125 will be credited to the repair and a full system check will not be preformed.

Sprinkler System Check

Our most requested service.

Follow the link below to schedule a visit.

Sprinkler System Audit


This service is in addition to a sprinkler system check. An audit precisely measures the amount of water that the system is putting out, also know as the precipitation rate, so that the controller can be scheduled to water the exact run times that is needed. If you want to conserve water and save money by programming your controller based on the exact amount of water that your system is putting out then this is the service that you need. All other methods are educated guesses. The process for this service is:

  • Conduct a full system check to make sure all parts of the system are functioning properly.

  • Place water catchment devices throughout the area of each zone and run the zone for a specified amount of time. 

  • Measure the amount of water collected noting the uniformity between each device.

  • Calculate the average precipitation rate of each zone.

  • Program the controller's run time based on the given data. 

This service cost $425 for most residential systems and increases based on the number and size of zones. 

Alex Pelt, the owner of Top Notch Landscapes, is a Certified Irrigation Auditor by Texas A&M Agrilife School of Irrigation, an EPA WaterSense Certified Trainaing Program.

Sprinkler System Reroute


Do you have an existing functional sprinkler system and are planning on building a new pool or patio? We highly recommend a well planned sprinkler system reroute which consists of a pre-construction and post-construction phase. 

Pre-construction phase:

  • Collect sprinkler system design and design for the new construction.

  • Preform a sprinkler system check to make sure the system if functioning properly.

  • Locate all valves, heads, wires and main line that is in the area of the new construction. 

  • Design how the new main line, wires and heads will be routed around the new construction.

  • Develop an estimate for the post-construction phase based on this data. 

Cap the main line and wires outside of the new construction zone. The main line and wires can be run on top of the ground temporarily while the construction is taking place to service the rest of system.

Post-construction phase:

  • Connect the new mainline and wires, install new valves and heads as needed to water the area                   around the new pool and/or patio. 

  • Conduct a system check to make sure the system is functioning properly.​


The cost of a reroute starts with the deposit of $750 for the pre-construction phase and a new estimate will be provided for the post-construction phase which typically ranges from $750-$2,500.

New Sprinkler System Installation

Ready for a new sprinkler system? We have you covered. 

We take precise measurements, enter the date into a computer aided drafting software, calculate the exact hydraulics of each zone to make sure it will function properly, use the best parts and materials available and use the best installation techniques known in the industry to give you the best possible product that we can. You can be confident in the system knowing that we provide a 1 year labor warranty and our parts and materials come with a 3 year to lifetime warranty, depending on the part. 

The installation process go like this:

  • Schedule a 15 minute consultation call to discuss your needs, timeline and budget. We will give you a rough estimate based on this information. If you would like to move forward then we move onto the design process. 

  • We collect a 10% non-refundable deposit on the estimated cost of the project. This deposit covers the cost of the design process and is applied to the final balance of the installation. 

  • We schedule a site visit and collect your property dimensions, slope and water pressure. 

  • We enter this data into our software to develop a professional design the we will establish a final estimate for the work. We will also use this design in the installation process. 

  • With the estimate approved, we submit a locate ticket with Texas 811 and locate your residential utilities. We also apply for the necessary permits based on city requirements. 

  • We schedule the date for the installation and let you know of any changes. We collect a 30% deposit on the date of installation.

  • We complete the installation based on the design, test the system, conduct a walk through and maintenance check list with you, and give you the final as-built design as required by Texas law. We collect the final balance of the invoice at this time.  


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