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Top Notch Landscapes specializes in the construction of custom residential lawns and landscapes. If you’re looking for Rockwall Landscaping companies, Royse City Landscaping Companies, Greenville Landscaping Companies, or anything between, look no further as we are a one-stop shop for homeowners who are looking to increase the value of their property with an expertly crafted custom landscape.

Whether you need the landscape design Rockwell loves, or you’re looking for help with your drainage and irrigation systems, our team will be able to help you! A beautiful landscape design adds high value to a home, for both its current owners and any potential new buyers. In fact, great landscaping can add up to roughly $38,000 in value to a home worth $300,000 when selling it, according to SF Gate.

To learn more about our expansive services check out our descriptions below! If you have any questions reach out to our team of experts! Call us today, and learn why we are the team for landscape design Greenville, TX recommends!

Landscape Design

The first step to a stellar landscaping project is a solid plan. Top Notch Landscapes’ designer will meet the owner on site to discuss the goals of the project, the budget, etc. A carefully crafted, hand-drawn design and materials list will be created based on this discussion. Once the homeowner approves of the design and estimate then, it is time to start construction.

Drainage, Irrigation and Grading

The first step of construction is to correct any drainage and grading issues. This can also be considered the most important step. If the storm water is not managed at this point then, it could mean more costs in the future. Next, the irrigation system is installed to make sure that all plants are watered properly.


This is when it really starts coming together. We install landscapes with a Texan style. We use native and adaptive plants. Meaning, the plants we use are either native to the area or have adapted to the climate in the area. Most of the plants that we use only need water during the hottest and driest months of the year. We source our materials like mulch and rock from the most local sources available. We use a variety of forms, textures and colors. Yucca and cacti incorporated into the landscape adds the ruggedness expected from a Texan landscape. Flowers and grasses of the open prairies add vibrant colors and soft, flowing textures. Water features add beautiful sound and movement.

Areas We Serve

Caddo Mills
Royse City
Union Valley