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4 Landscape Design Tips to Get Started

Jul 30, 2021 | Landscape

Getting started on an landscape design can be overwhelming for many people. There are so many aspects to consider before actually beginning the installation of your landscape. What plants would do best in the area that you have? How much sun does the area you’re design get every day? What type of maintenance do you want to invest in the plants you choose? How much water will the plants need? All of these questions should be considered before you start your landscape design. In North Texas, drought tolerate plants are very common due to our hot, dry summers. In this article we’ll provide four design tips for starting your landscape.
Landscape Design

Determine the Purpose of Your Landscape

Traditionally landscapes were designed with a few goals in mind: to raise food, to create living space or for visual appeal.

While not many people use their landscapes to raise food, although there is a growing trend for that, most people want a visually appealing landscape.

Determine what purpose you want your landscape to serve. Some of our clients actually use their landscape as a border not only visually, but for bugs. They’ll choose plants that have the tendency to ward off mosquitoes for example to help provide a better environment for outdoor use. Or you may want a water feature to provide a more tranquil environment.

Whatever your need is, decide what you want before you begin designing and picking out plants.

Visually Define the Boundaries of Your Garden

How large will your garden or landscape be? Do you want to define the space with a border of any sort? If so, what type of material? Do you want to use planter boxes?

When you want to define a space or give they something to focus on, you need to determine what material you might use for that and how large it needs to be to accomplish the look you want.

You can use a variety of materials for a border, from a simple metal or rubber edging to stone or even vegetation.

Know the Idiosyncrasies of Your Property

Looking at your property, what type of shade do you have? Sunny areas? Grade of land? What type of soil exists?

Become familiar with your properties topography. Test your soil to see if it’s acidic or clayish. Most parts of North Texas will have clay soil, however some of the more rural areas may have a better type of soil present. The more you know about the personality of your property, the better advantage you can take of its best traits.

Choose Plants that will Thrive in Your Micro-climate.

What plants will be happiest in your landscape or garden? The tip above suggests getting to know your property, which will help you determine what plants will work best in your yard. Native plants to Texas are an obvious choice for your landscape. You can also look and see what is working well in your neighbors gardens and use those in your landscape design.

Remember that your shade and sun situation may be different than your neighbors. If you are trying to DIY your landscape, a nursery will have a wealth of information on what plants would work well to fit your particular needs.

Our team provides top rated landscape design and irrigation services. We serve Rockwall, Greenville, Royse City and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your landscape.

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